About A.C.C.A.

The Advertisers Creators Consumers Association

Modern Advertising is a problem for everyone!

  • Creators need a way to make revenue so they can continue to produce their content. However, adblockers eat away at that revenue. They also don't want to hurt their reputation with bad ads.
  • Advertisers need to reach consumers. They can't reach consumers if their ads don't load for whatever reason: be it adblockers, bad internet service, etc. Their ads aren't as effective if they're irrelevant to consumers interests.
  • Consumers hate advertising! Why? It's because much of today's advertising has become heavy, intrusive, deceptive, or even malicious! Not to mention, it also spies on their every move across the web... disregarding respect for ones' privacy.

Our Proposal:

A collective association to implement a fair, ethical system that enables...

  • Creators to make revenue... without being affected by adblockers or hurting their reputation.
  • Advertisers to effectively reach consumers... while respecting ones' privacy, security, and wellbeing.
  • Consumers to be able to continue viewing the content they enjoy without issues.


The Advertisers Creators Consumers Association